Chapter 2 Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense 20

Chapter two deals with the perhaps the most played opening and counter in Xiangqi today: the Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense.
There are 13 sections to this chapter.
This is the final board of this big topic, the central cannon with left riverbank cannon variation vs the screen horse defense. There have been many books solely dedicated to this opening, some dating back to the 1950's. GM Li YiTing was one of many greats to be very very familiar with this opening.
Please go to the previous page if you have not read it before you start this one.
More modern day variations are shown. And it is encouraged that the visitor to this site try to soak up the tactics used in this opening as much as possible, for they are very basic but effective

Opening discussed:
Board 36:
ECCO:C85 中炮巡河炮對屏風馬
ECCO:C85 Central Cannon with Riverbank Cannon Variation vs Screen Horse Defense

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Master Reference:
1. <<象棋新編教程--象棋布局精要>> by 刘殿中 GM Liu Dianzhong and 齐津安 Qi JinAn
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