Chapter 1 How To Learn The XiangQi Opening 07

GM Liu DianZhong continues with the very basic and very fundamental theories in XiangQi openings in the following boards. MUST READ.
In International Chess, there are more pawns than in XiangQi, and pawn formation is vital to the opening. In XiangQi however, the pawns are still important but are often sacrificed early in the game to make way for the development of the other chess pieces. GM Liu addresses this issue in the first board.
In the second board, material vs tempo is discussed. And in the last two boards, the avoidance of cramped situations is stressed.

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Chapter 1: How to learn the XiangQi opening.
Section 2 cont'd: Never be overly concerned with the pawns
                           Never gain material but lose tempo
                           Avoid cramped positions

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Master Reference:
1. <<象棋新編教程--象棋布局精要>> by 刘殿中 GM Liu DianZhong and 齐津安 Qi JinAn
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