Cannon vs Cannon Openings:
SDC Filed Chariot vs Ranked Chariot (Black H2+3, Red 57 Cannons)

Chapter One deals with the Same Direction Cannons: Filed Chariot vs Ranked Chariot. In Section one, red attacks with R2+6 followed by R2=3. Black counters very aggressively with R9=4.  In Section two, the Heavenly Horse Variation was discussed.
After much analysis, Red felt that his R2+6 was not efficient enough and delayed making this move in favor of developing his left flank. This would be the topic of discussion in Chapter 2. Both sides developed the other horse as an edge horse.
In Section two of Chapter two, a major evolution in the board was seen. Black would develop his right horse as a proper horse and this has been credited to the Liaoning players for this major contribution.
Master Huang uses three boards to demonstrate very nicely the evolution of the opening.

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First Created: 20161104
Last updated : 20161104
Ref: Master Huang Shao Long's "Cannon vs Cannon Openings".

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