Angel's Pawn vs Thundering Defense: Same Direction Cannons Variation !!! Part 2

In Chapter Two of "Pawn and Elephant Openings" by Master Huang Shao Long, instead of playing the elephant as seen in chapter one, red chooses to attack with the Central Cannon. Black would counter with the Thundering Defense and the Same Direction Cannons! 
There are three sections to this chapter.
In section 1, red develops his right chariot as a filed chariot for attack. Black's counters aggressively by pushing his 3rd pawn forward! There are three boards for discussion with the last one being the opening tabia suggested by Master Huang.
In section 2, black decides not to push P3+1 after being pummeled by red as seen in section 1. The SDC is still used and black's improvision in board 2 is a must learn. The third board is the opening tabia as suggested by Master Huang.

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First Created: 20151225
Last updated : 20151225
Ref: Master Huang Shao Long's "Pawn and Elephant Openings"

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