Angel's Guide Opening 仙人指路

Yes, you have guessed it. This is another crazy openings summary from the Swordsman from the East, who has also given us the elephant openings summary...

Another masterpiece.

In Xiangqi, everybody knows that the most commonly used red opening is the Central Cannon. The 2nd most commonly used opening is the Angel's Guide Opening, P7+1 or P3+1. By default, P7+1 is more commonly used.  It is also considered an orthodox opening. The ancients must have like this opening much for they gave it quite a nice name with a philosophical touch. Translated literally, 仙人=Deity,指=points, 路=way, which means that in this opening, the deity points the way for you. Unfortunately, it was considered an inferior Red opening in the ancient manuals, and not much has been written on it. The Thundering Defence, ( P7+1 C2=3) was considered the best defence against this opening. It is still considered one of the best options against this opening in modern day.

In this opening, Red chooses not to let his formation be known with the first move. He can adjust it to Black's counter more flexibly. There are many flying daggers for both sides with this opening, and the tempo of the game can be fast, slow or medium paced, according to the variations played.

I have quickly browsed through the games and variations prepared, it looks decent enough.

I am sure you will get lost again, so I have pasted 3 boards for you look through the variations.

Again, I will find time to annotate some of the moves, after playing hmm, mahjong...there is so much to do...
Anyway, enjoy!!!!!!! 

This is the url where I found the crazy openings. 

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