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Pawn Openings 仙人指路&对兵局

The study of Xiangqi openings is a huge topic whereby it is impossible for me alone to introduce all. If anyone is interested in helping, please email me at xqinenglish@gmail.com or admin@xqinenglish.com . I will try to present each opening in as simple terms as possible and categorize them according to the ECCO system. Even though I personally do not agree with some of the ways it is arranged, it is still the best system on Xiangqi openings that I know to date, and the ONLY decent one that is present. http://www.xqbase.com/ecco/ecco_intro.htm is the url for those interested, though it is completely in Chinese.
The WXF recommendations will be used first and foremost. However if there are no current translations, I will use my own.
Abbreviations will be used because typing is hard work...and some of the abbreviations may seem funny but you will get the hang of them quickly. I have added a short article for those interested. Click here...
 is the url where I have found some of the openings. Please applaud the hard work of the men who did them!

ECCO E0X-E5x Pawn Openings仙人指路&对兵局
Pawn openings are one of the 4 major orthodox openings in Xiangqi. It is a huge discipline in itself. The WXF calls it the Angel's Guide as a nice direct translation of its chinese name. However, I prefer to use the term Angel's Pawn to stress that it is a pawn opening. Besides, since I started, I have been using Angel's Pawn instead of Angel's Guide, so please bear with me. It is impossible for me to change all the stuff that I have done back to Angel's Guide now. Have fun!   

Angel's Pawn 仙人指路
ECCO E0x-E4x

    Angel's Pawn Opening Crazy Summary
    Angel’s Pawn vs Thundering defence AG vs TD: 仙人指路 对 卒底炮 

    E12 Angel's Pawn with Left Central Cannon vs Thundering Defense with Opposite Direction Cannons variation 
E12 仙人指路转右中炮对卒底炮
    1. Red plays H2+3 while black charges the 3rd file pawn. Red then plays the side horse and black chooses the ranked chariot. p01 ... 
    2. Red plays H2+3 while black charges the 3rd file pawn. Black chooses H2+1. p02  

    E17 Angel's Pawn with Right Central Cannon Vs Thundering Defense with Same Direction Cannons Variation   
    E17 仙人指路转左中炮对卒底炮转顺炮
    1. Black chooses the H2+1 variation. p01 
    2. Black chooses the H8+7 variation. p02       

    E32  Angel's Pawn with Right Central Cannon vs Thundering Defense with Right Elephant variation.
E32 仙人指路转左中炮对卒底炮飞左象 
     1. Red H2+3 and black P3+1 variation. 01  

    Pawn vs Pawn opening: 对兵局
    E44 Pawn with Right Proper Horse vs Pawn with Right Proper Horse. Red left ranked chariot.
    ECCO:E44 對兵互進右馬局
     1. Red left ranked chariot. 01 
    E45 Pawn with Right Proper Horse vs Pawn with Right Proper Horse. Red left ranked chariot.
     ECCO:E45 對兵互進右馬局 .
     2. Red uses the side cannon. 01

    Angel’s guide vs Golden hooked cannon: 仙人指路 对 金钩炮

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Last Updated: 12th Aug 2012
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1. <<布局定式与战理>> by  Master Zhang Qiang 张强 and Master Yan Wenqing 阎文清Some of the videos that you see on this site by HK Jimmy are based on this book or other books in a series of books by the same authors. Perhaps one of the best series of books on openings in the past 2 decades

2. <<象棋布局精要>>  by GM Liu Dianzhong 刘殿中 , Qi Jinan 齐津安
3. <<象棋现代布局丛书>>  A huge series of opening books by various Masters and Grandmasters.
4. <<炮类布局大全>> ,<<相类布局大全>>, <<兵类布局大全>>, <<马类布局大全>> by 杨典 et al.
5. <<象棋布局精华>>  by GM Wang Jialiang 王嘉良, Zhang Zhiqiang 张志强
6. <<仙人指路对卒底炮>> by Jin Qichang金启昌 , Yang Dian 杨典
7. Various internet sources. 
8. <<象棋实战技法>> by 傅宝胜
9. <<象棋步局精要>> by  刘殿中 齐津安

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