op ECCO D3x-D5x
Opposite Direction Cannons and its variations 列炮

The study of Xiangqi openings is a huge topic whereby it is impossible for me alone to introduce all. If anyone is interested in helping, please email me at xqinenglish@gmail.com or admin@xqinenglish.com . I will try to present each opening in as simple terms as possible and categorize them according to the ECCO system. Even though I personally do not agree with some of the ways it is arranged, it is still the best system on Xiangqi openings that I know to date, and the ONLY decent one that is present. http://www.xqbase.com/ecco/ecco_intro.htm is the url for those interested, though it is completely in Chinese.
The WXF recommendations will be used first and foremost. However if there are no current translations, I will use my own.
Abbreviations will be used because typing is hard work...and some of the abbreviations may seem funny but you will get the hang of them quickly. I have added a short article for those interested. Click here...
 is the url where I have found some of the openings. Please applaud the hard work of the men who did them!

ECCO D3x-D5x Opposite Direction Cannons 列炮

In this section, all black counters involving the Opposite Direction Cannons is discussed.
For practical purposes, ECCO has classified the Left Cannon blockade with Halfway Opposite Direction Cannon variation under ECCO D. This is another very ancient opening that has constantly evolved over time. Very exciting opening and counter too!


Central cannon vs Left Cannon Blockade 中炮 对 左炮封车
     D33 Central cannon vs Left Cannon Blockade with Halfway Opposite Direction Cannon Variation 
           中炮 对 左炮封车 转半途列炮 
     Page 01 : Red uses the right riverbank horse variation. 

Opposite direction cannons (OD cannons): 列炮
I have classified halfway OD cannons under a different section.
    D50 Opposite Direction Cannons 中炮对列炮
            Introduction to the ODC :
            What the Ancient Manuals Offer p01
            Red evolves from H8+9 to H8+7 p02
            Black evolves too, C8=7 is attempted ... p03
            Black gives H8+7 one last shot ... p04
            The Small Variation gets noticed. Red attempts C8+2 for the Riverbank cannon... p05
            The Small Variation , part 2. Red R9+1 for early and rapid development.Black H2+3. p06
            The Small Variation , part 3. Red R9+1 and black C9-1. p07 

    D53 Central Cannon with Pawn Ranked Chariot vs Reserved Opposite Direction Cannons
            中炮过河车对后补列炮 p01 , p02 , p03 , p04

    D55 Central Cannon with Double Filed Chariots vs Reserved Opposite Direction Cannons Mini Summary     中炮双直车对后补列炮     p01    

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1. <<布局定式与战理>> by  Master Zhang Qiang 张强 and Master Yan Wenqing 阎文清Some of the videos that you see on this site by HK Jimmy are based on this book or other books in a series of books by the same authors. Perhaps one of the best series of books on openings in the past 2 decades

2. <<象棋布局精要>>  by GM Liu Dianzhong 刘殿中 , Qi Jinan 齐津安
3. <<象棋现代布局丛书>>  A huge series of opening books by various Masters and Grandmasters.
4. <<炮类布局大全>> ,<<相类布局大全>>, <<兵类布局大全>>, <<马类布局大全>> by 杨典 et al.
5. <<象棋布局精华>>  by GM Wang Jialiang 王嘉良, Zhang Zhiqiang 张志强
6. <<仙人指路对卒底炮>> by Jin Qichang金启昌 , Yang Dian 杨典
7. Various internet sources. 
8. <<象棋实战技法>> by 傅宝胜
9. <<象棋步局精要>> by  刘殿中 齐津安

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