Opening Classification :
ECCO A4x-A6x Classification Codes

The moves shown below are the moves required to generate the ECCO label. I have tried my best to translate them to English with official WXF nomenclature. A million thanks must be expressed to Mr Gerog Jeiter for helping me proof read them and informing me of the various corrections.

A) Non-central cannon openings (not inclusive of the Angel's Pawn) 非中炮类开局(不包括仙人指路局) 

A4x Horse Opening 起马局
A40 Horse opening
       起马局(对其他) : 
       1. H2+3 , ... (not inclusive of any other openings listed in A41-A45)

A41 Horse Opening vs 7th Pawn Advancement (H vs 7pa)
       起马(其他)对进7卒 : 
       1. H2+3 P7+1 , 
       2. ... (not inclusive of A42-A45) 

A42 Horse Opening with side cannon variation vs 7th Pawn Advancement ( H with side cannon vs 7pa)
       起马转边炮对进7卒 : 
       1. H2+3 P7+1 ,
       2. C2=1 , ...

A43 Horse Opening with Palcorner cannon variation vs 7th Pawn Advancement ( H with pcc vs 7pa)
        起马转仕角炮对进7卒 :
        1. H2+3 P7+1 ,
        2. C8=6 , ...

A44 Horse Opening with Left Central Cannon variation vs 7th Pawn Advancement ( H with lt pcc vs 7pa)
       起马转中炮对进7卒 : 
       1. H2+3 P7+1 ,
       2. C8=5, ...

A45 Horse Opening with 7th Pawn Advancement vs 7th Pawn Advancement ( H 7pa vs 7pa)
       起马互进七兵局 : 
       1. H2+3 P7+1 , 
       2. P7+1 , ...

A46-49 No labels yet.

A5x Palcorner Cannon Opening 仕角炮局
A50 Palcorner Cannon (vs others)
       1. C2=4  ... ( not inclusive of A51-A54)

A51 Palcorner Cannon vs Left Proper Horse ( PCC vs Lt H )
       仕角炮对进左马 :
       1. C2=4 , H8+7

A52 Palcorner Cannon (others) vs Right Central Cannon ( PCC vs rt CC) 
       仕角炮(其他)对右中炮 : 
       1. C2=4 C2=5 ,
       2. ... ( not inclusive of A53)

A53 Palcorner Cannon with Sandwiched Horse Variation vs Right Central Cannon ( pcc sah vs rt cc)
       仕角炮转反宫马对右中炮 : 
       1. C2=4   C2=5 ,
       2. H8+7 H2+3 , 
       n. H2+3 ( red can move R9=8/P3+1/P7+1 before moving H2+3)

A54 Palcorner Cannon vs 7th Pawn Advancement (pcc vs 7pa) 
       仕角炮对进7卒 :
       1. C2=4 P7+1 , 
A55-59 No labels yet.

A6x Cross Palace Cannon Opening

A60 Cross Palace Cannon vs Others (cpc) 
       过宫炮局(对其他) : 
       1. C2=6, ... ( not inclusive of any opening listed under A61-A65) 
A61 Cross Palace Cannon vs Left Proper Horse ( cpc vs lt h)
       过宫炮对进左马 : 
       1. C2=6 H8+7 , ...
A62 Cross Palace Cannon vs Ranked Chariot ( cpc vs lt rr)
       1. C2=6 R9+1 , ... 
A63 Cross Palace Cannon (includes others) vs Left Central Cannon (cpc vs lt cc)
       1. C2=6 C8=5 ,
       2.  ... (not inclusive of A64-A65)

A64 Cross Palace Cannon with Filed Chariot vs Left Central Cannon (cpc fr vs lt cc) 
       1. C2=6 C8=5 ,
       2. H2+3 ... 
       3. R1=2 , ...(not inclusive of A65 openings)

A65 Cross Palace Cannon with Filed Chariot vs Left Central Cannon with ranked chariot variation ( cpc fr vs lt cc rr) 
       1. C2=6 C8=5 , 2. H2+3 H8+7 , 3. R1=2 R9+1   OR
       1. C2=6 C8=5 , 2. H2+3 R9+1,  3. R1=2 H8+7 ...
A66-A69 : No labels yet. 
A70-A99 : No labels yet.

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