Pawn with Right Proper Horse vs Pawn with Right Proper Horse
Red utilizes the left ranked chariot.

ECCO E44 p01

ECCO:E44 對兵互進右馬局

This is from Master Yan Wenqing and Master Zhang Qiang's tabiat of Xq openings published nearly 2 decades ago, still one of the best books on opening thus far. It is also one of the most widely read and referred to books on openings.
I chose this opening for another reason. For beginners starting out, it is often a "natural" tendency to copy your opponent's opening move for move. This opening, by nature, is something similar and can demonstrate why this is not advisable. It also shows some simple principles in opening theory.

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1. An internet file which I found based on Master Zhang Qiang and Master Yan Wenqing's brilliant perenial classic, a tabiat on Xiangqi openings.

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