Angel's Pawn with Right Central Cannon vs Thundering Defense with Same Direction Cannons variation.
Black chooses H8+7 ...  
E17 仙人指路转左中炮对卒底炮转顺炮

 In this board, the Angle's Pawn and Thundering Defense quickly evolves into the Same direction cannons. By choosing the same direction cannons, black signals that he is going on the attack and opts for a more proactive counter. There is little room for error in such an opening.
In these 2 boards, red decides to slow the pace down a little bit and opts for development over a quick attack. Red uses 2 filed chariots. The first board is concerned with black playing the riverbank chariot variation. Black mounts a more proactive attack with the ranked and filed chariot in the second board. The third board is a combination of the previous 4 boards that you have seen so that you have a rough idea of where you are.
This variation was quite popular in the 80's but is still often seen in competitions nowadays!
I have based this board primarily on Master 阎文清 and Master 张强's work after briefly checking it against different manuals by different authors. 

   First variation                                                                        Second Variation   Angel's Pawn with Same Direction Cannons Variation Vs Thundering Defense with Left Central CannonAngel's Pawn with Same Direction Cannons Variation Vs Thundering Defense with Left Central Cannon





First created : 12th Jan 2012
Last modified: 12th Jan 2012
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