Deceptive Play and Counter-Measures
BY Master Yan WenQing and Master Zhang Qiang

One of the best series of books on openings (in my opinion) of ALL time is the three book series by Master Yan WenQing 閻文清 and Master Zhang Qiang 張強  published in the 1990's. I have included bits and pieces here and there over the site under the relevant ECCO sections. Both masters need no introduction. There are a lot of videos on youtube (some of them embedded on this site) by the two masters.
After much consideration, I have decided to present this book to all, sharing with the English speaking world one of the best books on deceptive openings of all time. There is a free e-book download in pdf for this book <<象棋騙著與對策>> or titled " Deceptive Play and Counter-Measures" at the following url : , which happens to be the World XiangQi Federation website managed by Mr Peter Sung. In case the above link does not work, just google World XiangQi Federation --> choose English language --> and click on the free English xq books downloads on the top menu bar.
Why would I choose to do a book that already has an English version? Nope, not that I am lazy, but because I feel that a ccbridge version of that book would assist much in learning the lessons presented. Besides, I have never read the original version and the translations you see are all done my me.
Please google the videos on youtube too, as I think there are videos on some of the examples cited in the book, presented by Master Zhang himself.
Click here for another book in the brilliant trilogy: Questionable Positions and How to Attack .

Section 1: Typical/Classical examples of Deceptive Play and their counter-measures.
Chapter 1: Same Direction Cannons (10 examples) : *01 *02 03 04 05
Chapter 2: Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense (24 examples):
                  *06 *07 08 09 *10 *11 12 *13 14 15 16 17
Chapter 3: Opposite Direction Cannons and various related variations (7 examples): 18 *19 20    
Chapter 4: Central Cannon vs Sandwiched Horse Defense ( 6 examples) : *21 22 *23 
Chapter 5: Central Cannon vs Other counters (9 examples) : *24 25 26 *27 
Chapter 6: Angel's Pawn Opening (10 examples) : *28 *29 30 *31 *32
Chapter 7: Elephant Opening (6 examples) :  33 *34 35  

Chapter 8: Other openings and counters (3 examples) : *36  

Section 2: Rare openings. Deceptive Play and their Counter Measures (10 examples)

Central Cannon vs Left Tandem Cannons : *37
Central Cannon vs Turtle Back Cannons : *38 
Central Cannon vs Mandarin Duck Cannons : *39
Central Cannon vs Ranked Chariot and Thundering Cannon &
Central Cannon vs Early Advisor and Thundering Cannon: *40
Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense with 7th Pawn Advancement and Riverbank Cannon +
Angel's Pawn vs Golden Hooked Cannons: *41

Appendix: Examples of Actual games played. 
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Note: * denotes MUST READ PAGES.  

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Last updated: 23rd Dec 2013

Master Reference:
<<象棋騙著與對策>> by
Master Yan WenQing 閻文清 and Master Zhang Qiang 張強. BEST!
URL for free e-book download: 

Master Yan WenQing and Master Zhang Qiang for their brilliant series.

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