Central Cannon with Pawn Ranked Chariot Vs Reserved Opposite Direction Cannons p01
D53 中炮過河車對后補列炮

One of the oldest openings is the Opposite Direction Cannons, whereby black answers red's C2=5 with C2=5, creating mirror like formation. However, because of the extra move that Red has by default, black would often fall behind as the game continues.
To try to make up for this, black would sometimes play the left proper horse first, pretending to prepare for the Screen Horse Defense before moving C2=5. This can be a strategic counter for black as it prevents red from any pre-game preparation attack with the central cannon.

central cannon with pawn ranked chariot vs reserved opposite direction cannons

I have called this counter from black the Reserved Opposite Direction Cannons, which is a direct translation of its Chinese name 後補列炮. This is to differentiate it from another form of Opposite Direction Cannons: the Halfway Opposite Direction Cannons, whereby black would play C2=5 halfway into the opening, at a much later time than the Reserved Opposite Direction Cannons.
The Reserved Opposite Direction Cannons is a very aggressive counter, and is primarily based on variations of the Small Variation of the Opposite Direction Cannons. Black's throat rank is especially vital as black tries to launch counters from here and often attacks red's right flank.
I found quite a good summary of this opening on the net and have taken the liberty to introduce it to the beginner wanting to experiment with new openings. It is considered an orthodox opening too. There are many variations in the file that I have found but I have published the first few variations in this page.
Again, I reiterate, it is impossible to master this variation just by going through this board alone but at least you will know what has been going on in the world of Xiangqi the past few years with this variation and try not make certain basic mistakes.
Two boards have been added for your perusal, in case you get lost.
I have included two boards for your perusal to compare variations.

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