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RED: From H8+9 to H8+7 ...

After going through the first portion introducing the ODC from the ancient manuals, it should be clear now that the side horse variation by Red (H8+9) is not encouraged. After decades or even centuries of modifications, H8+7 was encouraged. Click here if want to review the previous introduction...
Through this improvement, you would also get to understand why both Red and Black play the proper horses a lot of the time in competition. You would also understand why in other similar openings like the Same Direction Cannons why there has been a tendency to shift toward the use of the Proper horses and why old openings like the Single Horse Defense has slowly fallen out of favor. The openings that do not have proper horses have had to undergo modifications to reemerge as slightly different forms with radically different tactics when compared to the ways the ancients used them.
The following board is condensed from several actual games, mostly played about half a century ago, when the ODC was still relatively popular. You get to see improvisions that both sides have made.
Again, the reader is encouraged to go through the Ancient manuals,
in particular The Secret in the Tangerine and The Plum Flower Manuals to get a hang of the opening.
In this board, we see what happens when Red plays H8+7 instead of H8+9.
I have included two boards for your perusal to compare variations in case you get lost.

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