Modern Day Analysis of Horse Sacrifice for Kill in 13 moves


One of the most famous Xiangqi opening traps is found in Game 1 , Volume 1 of The Secret in the Tangerine. This is a modern day analysis by opening specialists Master Yan Wenqing and Master Zhang Qiang, both crucial players on the Beijing team. Their work on opening theory in a series of 3 books (this analysis is from one of them) has been groundbreaking and has influenced opening theory for the past 2 decades, since it came out.
In their analysis, they show why black loses in a jiffy and the correct way to counter. Bits of opening theory and wisdom are also imparted as the reader goes through the moves.
The beginner is encouraged to go through all the games in the ancient manuals on this site or those that are unpublished for they have shaped Xiangqi theory for centuries.
I believe there is  a free ebook called Deceptive Play in Xiangqi or something like that on the WXF website. Please go see it!
Two boards have been given for you to compare the variations. Enjoy. 

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First created : 24th June 2012
Last modified: 24th June 2012
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1. An internet file which I found.
2. <<象棋布局與騙著>> by Master Yan Wenqing and Master Zhang Qiang

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