57 Cannons vs Screen Horse Defence  五七炮 对 屏风马

This is the basic formation of the 57cannons vs Screen horse defence. There might be some variations due to the order of the moves played but basically the discussion of this opening evolves around this formation.

Yes, this is another crazy openings summary. 
This is a commonly used opening. There is a high chance that you will see it being played in competition nowadays.
Traditionally, red pushes either the 3rd or 7th Pawn forward to allow his horses to join in the attack. However, using the 57 cannons WITHOUT pushing forward the 3rd or 7th pawns has become a viable option.
I have briefly browsed through the file which I found on the net and it seems decent enough.

This is the url where I found the crazy openings. The link seems to be defunct sometimes.

First created : 19th June 2011
Last updated : 14th November 2011
Acknowledgments: the unknown author who did this...

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