Central Cannon 7th Pawn Advancement and Pawn Ranked Chariot Vs Screen Horse Defence 7th Pawn Advancement with Edge Cannon for Chariot Exchange
Red Accepts Chariot Exchange
C40 中炮過河車互進七兵對屏風馬平炮兌車 红方接受兑车

This is perhaps the most played opening in Xiangqi today. Black offers and exchange of chariot very early into the game. In most circumstances, the chariot is NOT exchanged. Why? This question has to be answered before we can go on to understand the major variations, sub variations, and sub subvariations...
For abbreviation's sake,
cc7paprc = central cannon with 7th pawn advancement and pawn ranked chariot,
sch7pappdc = screen horse defence with 7th pawn advancement and edge cannon for chariot exchange.
I used ppdc for edge cannon for chariot exchange because it is the hanyu pinyin abbreviation for this variation.
This work has been collected from a few openings manuals and I have tried to present them in more readable format. I believe it is the basic theory of this opening variation and it also
represents the generally "orthodox" moves. I do not expect that anyone will be a master of this opening after going through the boards but at least , do not make the basic mistakes or go against the principles of this opening.

First created : 9th October 2011
Last modified: 18th October 2011
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1. <<象棋实战技法>> by 傅宝胜
2. <<象棋步局精要>> by  刘殿中 齐津安
3. Various internet sources.
4. <<布局定式与战理>> 阎文清 张强 . Some of the videos that you see on this site by HK Jimmy are based on this book or other books in a series of books by the same authors. Perhaps one of the best series of books on openings in the past 2 decades.

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