Central cannon 7th Pawn Advancement Pawn Ranked Chariot vs Screen Horse Defence with Right ranked chariot 
中炮过河车 对 屏风马右横车

Black's right ranked chariot

This opening was quite popular in the 1980-90's.
Even now, it is still often seen in competition. The characteristics of this opening are black's aggressive play with the right ranked chariot. Some might call this opening CC with PR chariot vs Screen horse defence with ranked chariot only, but I have added a "right" to stress that black's right chariot is the ranked chariot.
When used correctly, or when red makes a mistake, the counter by black can be very quick and deadly.  Still a very popular option when you are sick and tired of the Central Cannon vs Screen horses Edge Cannon for chariot exchange variation...
Again, I have added 3 viewers for your enjoyment.
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