Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defence  中炮 对 屏风马

Yes, this is by far the craziest openings summary I have found or seen in my life! 
This is THE most used opening for red vs black, played by millions each day throughout the world. There are at least a few hundred books in Chinese discussing this opening and we have here  a neat tidy summary.  
I have briefly browsed through the file which I found on the net and it seems decent enough. The games presented seemed to have been collected from many compeitions. No explanations are given though. But I think that the moves are decent enough.
Nope, I refuse to annotate the games, for it might take me at least 10 years...I still have the elephants summary to do ....grin!

This is the url where I found the crazy openings.

First created : June 2011
Last updated : 14th November 2011
Acknowledgments: the unknown author who did this...super-human!

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