Introduction to the Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense with Double Cross River Cannons Variation P07
ECCO C04 中炮七路馬對屏風馬


This is the 7th page and the first one to show some of the improvements on this opening when it was played in the 80's. In this page, red plays A6+5 and black tempts red with a horse sacrifice early on. The next page would be a continuation of this page.
A point to repeat: ECCO assigns this opening as C04 or rather the central cannon with 7th file horse vs Screen horse defense. It can be misleading. It is still preferable to be called the Double Cross River Cannons Variation of the Screen horse defense.
Two boards have been given for you to compare the variations. Enjoy. 

op ECCO C04 cc vs Sch with double crc p07

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