Introduction to the Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense with Double Cross River Cannons Variation P02
ECCO C04 中炮七路馬對屏風馬


The central cannon vs screen horse defense saga has been going on for centuries. It is still the most played opening today.
One of the fiercest variations that the screen horse defense can offer is the double cannons cross river variation. Black forms a blockade of red's pawn rank, thereby compressing the development of red's chess pieces. In almost all of the variations that follow, blood is spilt everywhere.
During my recent break, I surfed the net far and wide and this was one of the files that I found for the site. It is also quite an in depth analysis showing the evolution of this opening.
The first 3 pages of this board show the "traditional" ways of this opening. Watch it and you will see how much blood is shed in this variation. This is the second page, also showing how the variations were played a few decades ago. Instead of R9=4, red plays R9=6 as an improvement over the variations in board 1.
A point I forgot to point out yesterday: ECCO assigns this opening as C04 or rather the central cannon with 7th file horse vs Screen horse defense. It can be misleading. It is still preferable to be called the Double Cross River Cannons Variation of the Screen horse defense.
Two boards have been given for you to compare the variation. Enjoy. 

central cannon vs screen horse defense with double cross river cannons 02

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1. An internet file which I found.

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