Central Cannon Vs 
Sandwiched Horses
中炮 对 反宫马

This is the also the craziest file on the Sandwiched Horses Openings or Defence that I have ever seen. I have given up precious mahjong time to annotate parts of it. I will slowly add on...
Anyway, master and memorize all the stuff in it, and you will be the KING/QUEEN of the Sandwiched Horses Opening.
Again, this masterpiece was produced by 东方剑客 (which means the swordsman from the East).
As reading this file is a big task on its own, I have included 3 viewers in this page to assist you,should you get lost...which I am sure you will!
Anyway, enjoy!!!!!!!

First created: July 2011
Last updated: 18th November 2011
Acknowledgements: The swordsman from the East , an internet Xq fan for creating this.
Sheesh, perhaps all the books dedicated to this opening.

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