Opening Basics
Movement of the Elephant 01

This is the first page of a series of 5 lectures provided by the Mr Chris Hankinson, US Representative in Xiangqi. It is part of his personal collection and study into the game.
If you have enjoyed the previous lectures on the implications of moving the wrong advisor early in the opening, you would love this series!!!
Like the advisor, the elephant is a key defensive piece. However, it can only guard one intersection on the central file (vertical line) on the board. And that intersection happens to be occupied by the central cannon should red opt for the central cannon opening (which coincidentally, is the MOST played red opening of ALL TIME). The implications of not being able to link the elephants are dealt with in this short series in a short and crisp manner.
If you were able to move one elephant to the center to link them out, as in the case of the advisor, one flank would become weak. This issue is also dealt with in one of the boards.
Please go to the previous board if you have not seen it for a more cohesive lecture.
A zillion thanks must be given to Chris Hankinson for providing them. They are based on Master Huang Shaolong's book (which one , I swear I do not know, and have not been able to find in the local bookstore...). I have touched up on some of the explanations to make things even clearer for the beginner.
Two boards of the same example are given below so that you can compare and appreciate the moves at different points in the game. Have Fun!

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First created : 21st Aug 2012
Last modified: 22nd Aug 2012
Acknowledgements: Chris Hankinson for sharing his study of the game with the WORLD!

1. An internet file which seemed to be based on one of Master Huang Shaolong's works.

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