Opening Basics
Movement of the Advisor 01

In Xiangqi, the advisor or elephant is often played early on to provide defense. The beginner would often be clueless as to which advisor or elephant to move for defending. The following boards are a series dedicated to the topic of moving the advisor.
When you move the advisor, say A4+5 for red, you actually "halve" the board, discouraging offense from your opponent on the left side of your board. But there are always two sides to a coin, the same move would actually encourage an attack down your right flank.
This is the first of five boards dealing with the implications of moving the correct advisor to the center for protection.
A million thanks must be given to Chris Hankinson for providing them. They are based on Master Huang Shaolong's book (which one , I do not know...). I have touched up on some of the explanations to make things even clearer for the beginner.
Two boards of the same example are given below so that you can compare and appreciate the moves. Have Fun!

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First created : 14th Aug 2012
Last modified: 15th Aug 2012
Acknowledgements: Chris Hankinson for sharing his study of the game with the WORLD!

1. An internet file which seemed to be based on one of Master Huang Shaolong's works.

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