Op Basics :
Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense by GM Hu Ronghua 01

Holy Cow! Found this board on the internet. Somebody seemed to have recorded the moves and typed in the remarks by GM Hu Ronghua from a video I think. It is quite an interesting, systematic introduction to the Central Cannon vs the Screen Horse Opening from one of the greatest of all time!
Concise and straight to the point.
I do not know which video it came from or where it came from. Just found it on the net. Spent the entire sunday afternoon doing it.
Hope it is as inspirational to you as it was to me!
Have added some short comments to show the beginner some of the basics. The reader is also advised to go to the page which I wrote a long time ago on evaluating the efficiency of your moves in the opening ...
Three boards have been added so that you can compare variations and not get lost.

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First created : 1st Oct 2012
Last modified: 1st Oct 2012
the brave, hardworking soul who did the original board, and of course GM Hu Ronghua.

A board found on the internet, presumably based on a lecture by GM Hu Ronghua.

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