The Sandwiched Horse Defense Manual

In XiangQi today, the Sandwiched Horse Defense is one of the most commonly used counters against the Central Cannon, but it was not always so. It was considered to be an unorthodox defense until the 1960's. GM Hu RongHua is to be credited for making this opening a viable counter against the central cannon.
In the early 1980's, GM Hu wrote this book which was a simple summary of his ideas and thoughts behind the intricacies of this counter. It is also one of the best XiangQi books, in my opinion, ever written. Although it focuses on the SAH, many lessons can be learnt, ranging from basic opening tenets and pricincples, to various tactics. It may be a little bit old, but the lessons taught are timeless and priceless. And the GM does not waste time on wordy, mind boggling comments. Instead, the examples he gives and the accompanying analyses are simple, succint and to the point.
Of course, since the publication of the book, this opening has made leaps and bounds in XiangQi and perhaps some of the information may be out of date or there are new precise counters to the GM's moves, but it is the reasoning and analytical process of this book is priceless. 
Guaranteed to open your mind.

After much consideration, I have decided to upload this book, with the GM's thoughts and some additional footnotes of mine. And, as in the other sections of this site, the ECCO system is used to try to provide a more systematic structure, although it can be frustrating and confusing at times.

  Basic Formation of the Sandwiched Horse Defense

Basic Formation of Sandwiched Horse Defense 01


Basic Formation of Sandwiched Horse Defense 02

Chapter 1: Why the ancient SAH did not work 
Chapter 2: What would happen if Red insisted on H8+7?
Chapter 3: CC 3PA vs SAH Rt E
Chapter 4: 56C 3PA vs SAH Rt E 
Chapter 5: CC 3PA vs SAH Lt E : Part 1, Part 2 
Chapter 6: CC 3PA vs SAH Lt Ranked Chariot : Part 1, Part 2 
Chapter 7: CC RRR 7FH vs SAH Part 1, Part 2
Chapter 8: 56C lt ph vs SAH Part 1, Part 2
Chapter 9: CC vs SAH 7pa 
Cahpter 10: CC 7pa vs SAH 7pa
Chapter 11: CC 7pa prR vs SAH part 1, part 2

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Master Reference:
1. <<反宮馬專輯>> by 胡榮華 GM Hu RongHua

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