Central Cannon with Left Pawn Ranked Cannon vs Left 3 Step Tiger with Right Proper Horse Variation 

ECCO:B24 中炮过河炮对左三步虎

The 3 Step Tiger Opening by black is a feasible counter against the mighty Central Cannon. Black chooses to develop his left flank first. This is a whole new section on openings of this sort. Black can then slowly choose his offense/defense and let his formation metamorphosize.
Red has his own attacking options too.  
This board is basically a short summary of red using the the left pawn ranked cannon (C8+4) and how black counters. It is an interesting alternative to the Screen Horse Defense.


First created : 26th Nov 2011
Last modified: 26th Nov 2011
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1. <<象棋实战技法>> by 傅宝胜
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3. Various internet sources.
4. <<布局定式与战理>> 阎文清 张强 . Some of the videos that you see on this site by HK Jimmy are based on this book or other books in a series of books by the same authors. Perhaps one of the best series of books on openings in the past 2 decades.

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