Central Cannon with Pawn Ranked Chariot vs Left Single Horse Defense -- the basics
ECCO:B05 中炮對進左馬

I was glancing through my openings section and by golly, I noticed that after almost one year doing the site, I did not have any opening board on the Single Horse Defense! This is one of the oldest openings there is against the Central Cannon but the general consensus is that it is not a good enough counter and the central cannon would win. However, beginner may still need to know this opening as for both red and black. For red, one can learn how to attack down the center with this opening.central cannon vs left single horse defense

There is a gradual increase in the number of people playing the Angel's Pawn vs Thundering Defense, and black often has to make use of the Single Horse Defense. Therefore for black, you would also need to know at least the basics of the Single Horse Defense so that your Thundering Defense will not fall to pieces.
The ECCO classification gives this as B05 or Central Cannon against Left proper horse advancement. I do not know...
Anyway, it is interesting to note that GM Tao Hanming used this opening to counter black's central cannon in the 25th 5 Rams Cup ( I think...) but not with very good results though. However, it is still interesting to know the mechanics behind it.
 I do not expect that anyone will be a master of this opening after going through the boards but at least , do not make the basic mistakes or go against the principles of this opening. 
Two of the same boards are presented for you compare the different variations.
Have fun!

First created : 31st Jan 2012
Last modified: 31st Jan 2012
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