Cross Palace Cannon Opening 
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Yes, you have guessed it. This is another crazy openings summary
Another masterpiece.
The cross palace cannon 过宫炮 was once considered an unorthodox opening. However, there has been an increase in its use the past few decades and it is quickly gaining recognition, especially with the increase in use of the elephant opening. It is considered to be one of the better counters against the elephant opening.
When used as a red opening, it has its merits and disadvantages also. This summary is generally about the cross palace cannon opening as a red opening.
One of the main ideas of the cross palace cannons is to concentrate your pieces on one side of the board early in the game.
There are many counters for black, like the central cannon, the elepahant, Angel's pawn....and each of the counters are quite interesting on its own.
I have quickly browsed through the games and variations prepared, it looks decent enough.
I am sure you will get lost again, so I have pasted 3 boards for you look through the variations.
Again, I will find time to annotate some of the moves, after playing hmm, mahjong and continue editing the elephant's summary etc...there is so much to do...
Anyway, enjoy!!!!!!! 

This is the url where I found the crazy openings. 

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