Cross Palace Cannon with Riverbank Chariot vs
Left Central Cannon with Ranked Chariot

The cross palace cannon 过宫炮 is increasingly seen in use in active competition nowadays as a red opening. Amongst the many counters that black has, the left central cannon is considered to be one of the more aggressive ones.
Please note that the left central cannon is used instead of the right central cannon for black. This is to prevent the red cross place cannon from a fork should black want to move proper horses. Besides, red has already made clear his intentions of pressuring black's right flank, moving the right cannon would in effect DECREASE the defensive potential of the right black flank. This is why the left central cannon is played instead of the right central cannon although once in a blue moon is the right central cannon seen in actual competition.
In this board, red uses the riverbank chariot while black utilizes the ranked chariot. This is another one of the openings with a long history.
I have posted 2 boards for this opening should you get lost and to allow you to compare the various variations.
Have fun!



First created: 24th Nov 011
Last updated: 24th Nov 2011
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