Cross Palace Cannon with Filed Chariot vs Left Central Cannon with Ranked Chariot
ECCO A64 p01


The Cross Palace Cannon is occasionally seen in competition. It is considered an orthodox opening but not very frequently played perhaps because of the high success rate of the Central Cannon and Angel's Pawn. The Elephant opening and Horse opening are also seen with more frequency. But if you are tired of the the Central Cannon and Angel's Pawn and find that the elephant and horse openings too drawish, the Cross Palace Cannon offers a nice change of scenery. As it is not very often played, there is much room for development and a high chance to develop your own opening traps or flying daggers.
The following is the first page in a series of boards found on the internet dedicated to the A64 opening. Trust me, they are hard to come by... 

The two boards represent the different variations in the series of variations of this opening. Enjoy. 

op A64 cpc fr vs lt cc lzjlht 0109

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1. An internet file which I found.

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