Palace corner Cannon aka
Palcorner Cannon Opening 
士角炮 Super Summary

Yes, this is another crazy openings summary. 
The palcorner cannon 士角炮 opening, like the the cross palace cannon 过宫炮 was once considered an unorthodox opening. However, there has been an increase in its use the past few decades and it is quickly gaining recognition. It is mostly used as a red opening. Seldom is it used as a black opening.
This is more of a subtle opening. With so many flying daggers and traps in various openings, the palcorner cannon gives the player a breath of fresh air as it is relatively an untouched field.
When the palcorner cannon is played by red, black does not know what formation or opening will it evolve into. In this aspect, it is sort of like the angel's pawn or elephant opening. Common red evolutions include the sandwiched horse opening, the single horse opening or the 56 cannon opening. Players comfortable with such openings like this opening a lot.
The main battlefield is in the midgame and is more of a test of midgame skill than opening technique. Thus, some have criticized this opening as it does not have a clear advantage when used like the central cannon.
Black has a variety of answers, but the orthodox counters are mainly the right central cannon, the pawn openings , the elephant opening and maybe perhaps the cross palace cannon.
By default, C2=4 is the opening, though some may choose to play C8=6 instead.
I have quickly browsed through the games and variations prepared, it looks decent enough.
And,I am sure you will get lost again, so I have pasted 3 boards for you look through the variations.

This is the url where I found the crazy openings. 

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Yang Wenjie for doing this super summary

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