Palace Corner Cannon vs
Right Central Cannon
Red uses Left cannon blockade
ECCO:A53 仕角炮转反宫马对右中炮

The Palace Corner Cannon (PCC) is considered one of the newer openings in Xiangqi history. It only gradually grew in popularity in the late 80's and 90's but there has been a gradual increase in its use as a red opening.
It is one of the more subtle openings. Moving the first move C2=4, does NOT immediately "fix" your formation. It allows red to adjust accordingly to black's opening to allow the best formation red is comfortable with. For example, it can metamorphosize into the Sandwiched Horse Defence, the Single Horse defence... etc.
As for Black, the central cannon has been one of the most used counters against the PCC.  Red plays C2=4, so Black replies with C2=5, using the "opposite" cannon as the central cannon. This is because if C8=5 was played the cannon would have a chance to fork black, as can be seen in the sandwiched horse opening. Playing C2=5 would force red into the Single Horse defence, which some might consider to be a slightly inferior counter to the Central Cannon. (For single horse defence advocates, please do not hit me...). 

The moves shown here represent the generally "orthodox" moves that have been proven over time in many competitions. However, I do advise the reader to form his conclusions about the various formations as there is no sure-win opening variation in Xiangqi, and different formations may be treated the differently by different people.
I do not expect that anyone will be a master of this opening after going through the boards but at least , do not make the basic mistakes or go against the principles of this opening. 

I have based this board primarily on Master 阎文清 and Master 张强's work after briefly checking it against different manuals by different authors. The major variations are about the same.

For abbreviation's sake, 
PCC = Palace Corner Cannon, or Palcorner Cannon
Rt CC = Left central cannon 

First created : 22nd October 2011
Last modified: 24nd Nov 2011
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1. <<象棋实战技法>> by 傅宝胜
2. <<象棋步局精要>> by  刘殿中 齐津安
3. Various internet sources.
4. <<布局定式与战理>> 阎文清 张强 . Some of the videos that you see on this site by HK Jimmy are based on this book or other books in a series of books by the same authors. Perhaps one of the best series of books on openings in the past 2 decades.

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