Horse Vs Pawn Opening
Red Screen Horse Variation vs Black Right side horse variation
ECCO:A45 起馬互進七兵局

By default, the horse opening is given to H2+3, although some may prefer to move H8+7. The horse opening is also considered an orthodox opening.
The idea behind the horse opening is to slowly and surely maneuver your pieces into a desired opening position you are familiar with to counter your opponent's opening, and prevent your own formation from being seen to early. In this board, red uses the screen horse variation.
Likewise, black pushes the pawn forward to counter red's opening. This is very target push your horse forward, I limit it and develop my own horse. Black uses the side horse variation in game one (left picture) and the ranked chariot variation in board 2 (right ).
As I am sure you will get lost again, I have pasted 3 boards for you look through the variations.
Again, I will find time to annotate some of the moves, after playing mahjong...there is too much to do...Anyway, enjoy!!!!!!! 
This is the url where I found the crazy openings.

First created: 24th Oct 2011
Last updated: 22nd Nov 2011

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4. <<布局定式与战理>> 阎文清 张强 . Some of the videos that you see on this site by HK Jimmy are based on this book or other books in a series of books by the same authors. Perhaps one of the best series of books on openings in the past 2 decades.

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