Elephant Opening Super Summary

This is the craziest, absolutely the craziest file or whatever ( I am at a loss of words...) on elephant openings that I have seen. I guess I will have to dedicate the rest of my life should I want to comment on it...I'd rather go and play mahjong or something like that.
Anyway, master and memorize all the stuff in it, (which frankly, maybe only a grandmaster will do), and you will be the KING of the elephant opening. This was written by a 15 year old boy, whose nick was 东方剑客 (which means the swordsman from the East). It took him a year to do it.
Anyway, the ECCO (Encyclopedia for Chinese Chess Opening) gives A1x-A3x as the classification for the elephant opening.
As reading this file is a big task on its own, I have included 3 viewers in this page to assist you,should you get lost...which I am sure you will!
Anyway, enjoy!!!!!!!

First created : May 2011
Last updated: 22nd November 2011
东方剑客 who did this.

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