Side Pawn Opening 02

The side pawn opening is an unorthodox opening, although I think it received special mention in the periodical XiangQi a few years ago. I found this file over the internet which was quite interesting.
The ECCO label is A08.
Word of Caution: This is an UNORTHODOX opening and would most likely not catch on. The moves given are skewed, but I have decided to add this anyway, hoping to give all you folks some inspiration and try to think out of the box in your opening. Besides, I hate to conform...LOL.
I have combined the files from the internet into three different lectures with many variations. The second lecture is given here. Two boards have been presented in this page so that you can compare variations and not get lost. Click here for the previous lecture.

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First created : 23rd Jan 2013
Last modified: 24th Jan 2013
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1. An internet file which I found.

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