Chaper 3 Section 1 Part 1
Resolving danger with one chariot

This is the beginning of chapter 3, which is concerned with how to resolve material with various material.
In section 1, the focus is on how to resolve deadly situations with one material, and part 1 would show the key points that you must take note off when using your chariot to resolve a dangerous or difficult situation.

Section 2 would deal with resolving danger using a combination of two pieces, while section 3 would focus on resolving danger with various combinations of your chess pieces.
Again, a very practical and informative site.

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First created: 14th Aug 2013
Last updated : 17th Aug 2013
Master Reference: << 象棋解危謀算 >> by Master 尚威 Shang Wei
Master Shang for writing this superb book!
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