Chaper 2 Section 3 Part 1
Trapping the opponent's strong piece when disadvantaged

This is the start of another very practical section, aimed at discussing and analysing possible strategies when you are already down material wise and at a disadvantage.
In part 1, the Master shows how to turn the tables by attacking the opponent's strong piece, which would usually be the chariot.
Note: the position of the targetted chariot in both examples are very poorly positioned. If I remember correctly, there is a very aggressive variation by the screen horse defense to actually sacrifice a horse to get red's chariot to this particular position whereby the screen horse defense  can actually launch a fearsome counter attack. I think I have uploaded it somewhere on this site, think it is under the ancient manuals sections, Plum Flower by Wang... cannot think clearly now (2am...and manic monday starts in a few hours time).

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First created: 23rd July 2013
Last updated : 28th July 2013
Master Reference: << 象棋解危謀算 >> by Master 尚威 Shang Wei
Master Shang for writing this superb book!
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