Chaper 2 Section 2 Part 4
Moving a piece into the line of fire

In the process of a game of Xiangqi, more often than not, checks (not cheques...) will be delivered. Although there is much literature on showing examples, to my knowledge, only Master Shang has categorized and systematically studied what to do when faced with such a situation.
In section 2 of chapter 2, the entire section is devoted to what you should do when dealt a check and how best you can salvage. With the use of simple examples, the idea is presented clearly and concisely. This is one of the reasons why I chose to share Master Shang's books with all, the practicality and systematic study of such high quality is rare in Xiangqi literature. 
In the fourth portion, Master Shang shows what is needed to be taken note off when moving a piece into the line of fire. Short but practical.

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First created: 18th July 2013
Last updated : 21st July 2013
Master Reference: << 象棋解危謀算 >> by Master 尚威 Shang Wei
Master Shang for writing this superb book!
Robert from the Adam's Place for pointing out a wrong link! Thanks, was 3+am when I did the page...
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