Tactic: Zugzwang 顿挫 01

顿挫 Zugzwang is the tactic discussed here. 
In Xiangqi, this is quite a commonly used tactic, be it in the opening, midgame or engame. Zugzwang is the closest English/German counterpart I can find for this often used Xiangqi tactic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_tactics is the Wiki page on International Chess tactics.
When you use this tactic, you force your opponent to make a move which follows your game plan instead of his, so that you can gain initiative, material or have other gains. It is an aggressive play. Normally, you threaten your opponent with a checkmate, or kill or fork...etc..., forcing your opponent to resolve this threat by moving his pieces to YOUR advantage.
And if anybody has a better term, please email me at admin@xqinenglish.com , and email me soon; I do not wish to do this too many times...Life is too short to be spent on such unnecessary details when I have many mahjong games to attend to.

Example 1 happens to be game 292 found in the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual, I knew it looked familiar and checked.

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