Tactic: Maneuver 运子 01

Maneuver 运子 (Hanyu Pinyin Yun4zi3)
Simply put this is the tactic whereby you move a chess piece to a better position for attack or defence. After the maneuver, it has more function and can cause trouble to your opponent.  
It can refer to any of your chesspieces but usually, it is used to refer to moving a major chess piece like the chariot, horse, cannon or sometimes the pawn. The beauty is that through the process of deploying that chess piece, you gain control/initiative/material... and sometimes even a kill.
This is perhaps the most basic of the tactics, but I personally think that it is also the hardest to master.
All the GMs are super masters in this tactic, but I personally have the most praise for GM Li Laiqun!
I had previously coined it deploy, but I guess maneuver sounds better.
And if anybody has a better term, please email me at admin@xqinenglish.com , and email me soon; I do not wish to do this too many times...Life is too short to be spent on such unnecessary details when I have many mahjong games to attend to.

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