Resolving a mate with a kill  
解杀还杀 01

Resolving a Mate with a Kill 解杀还杀
When you are about to be checkmated, you decide to throw everything out of the window, including the sink and go on an all out attack on your opponents. Make or die... Some might not consider this a tactic but rather as a means to survive. But to do so, you have to be very good with the various basic kills.
I believe a similar term in chess would be Zwischenschach.
The ancient manuals are loaded with such examples, below are just a few randomly selected example.

And if anybody has a better term, please email me at admin@xqinenglish.com , and email me soon; I do not wish to do this too many times...Life is too short to be spent on such unnecessary details when I have many mahjong games to attend to.

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