Tactic: Idle 停着

Idle move 停着  is the tactic discussed here. 
Unlike International chess, a stalemate is ruled a win for the aggressor. Hence, in endgames, when any move your opponent makes will only worsen his condition, and you wish to maintain your status quo, you use this tactic. You make an idle move, a move which does not check, pin, threaten to kill....a move that does nothing. This is a form of an attacking idle move. It is more often seen in endgames, as in midgame, there are too many pieces on the board, making it impossible for you to make a move without threatening to capture, chase, threatening to kill, pin... your opponent's pieces.
Think of it as the cousin of the tactic Zugwang, except that the move you make literally does nothing. Please view the examples below to have a better understanding.
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