Tactic: Capture with the Pin 
            牵制得子 01

Capturing your opponent's pieces with the pin 牵制得子 is the tactic discussed here. 
For beginners, this is another one of the most basic tactics to learn.
Material is gained by capturing your opponent's attacking pieces ( chariot, horse, cannon and pawn) or defensive pieces (elephant and advisor). Usually, winning material will refer to capturing your opponent's chariot, horse or cannon. To be able to gain material WITHOUT having to exchange some of your own would be to your favor.
There are many ways to capture or gain material, the most common being using the fork, pin or skewer to capture your opponent's pieces. 
When you use the pin, one of your pieces is used to control at least 2 of your opponent's pieces. A second piece of your own will be then used to gain material, sometimes exchanging one attacking piece for 2 of your opponent's.

Board 1 will explain the following terms: fork , pin and skewer.
The next 3 boards will illustrate the concept in slightly more detailed form.

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