Capture by Discovered Check 抽吃 01

抽吃 Capture of material by discovered check is the tactic discussed here. 
In Xiangqi, this is another commonly used tactic, be it in the opening, midgame or engame.
There has to be at least 2 pieces. Piece A is blocked by Piece B. When Piece B is moved away, Piece A will perform a check on the opponent. As the opponent must resolve the check, Piece B can be used to do damage. There are many forms of damage that Piece B can do, be it to gain material, obtain better positioning, corner off an area...the list goes on. The trick is in using the properties of Piece B to its fullest.
There are many combinations but the cannon is used most commonly, either as the chesspiece performing the check or the as the blocking chesspiece.
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Example 1 happens to be game 24 found in the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. This is one of the extreme cases of using the horse cannon discover checkmate. The cannon will perform the check when the horse is moved. And in this example, the horse(s) are used to their fullest potential. Using the discovered check tactic, material is gained, the pieces are positioned ...etc...for the final kill. 

Example 2 is also another game from the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. In this example, the chariot is the pieces performing the check when the cannon in front is moved away. With this tactic, the cannons gain material and position themselves for the final kill. A very nice game indeed.

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