Hangzhou Chess Academy and Tian Yuan Building

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the 2016 Chess Culture Forum in Hangzhou that was held on the 22nd-23rd of October in 2016. The forum was held at the Tian Yuan Building 天元大廈 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.
The Tian Yuan Building is a multi-purposed building which serves as a hotel, museum and is also home to the Hangzhou Chess Academy where budding Chinese Xiangqi, International Chess and Weiqi players are groomed. The academy is located on the fourth to sixth floors in the building, fully equipped with spacious halls, theatres et cetera for holding important forums like the Chess Culture Forum.
I had the opportunity to explore the place and the following are some of the pictures that I have taken.
Disclaimer: I do not represent the forum, the Hangzhou Chess Academy or the Tian Yuan Building, and there was no monetary or other gains involved in writing this page. It is but a simple wish to share with the reader the beauty and prosperity of chess in Hangzhou, China.

Tian Yuan Building 天元大廈
The Tian Yuan Building


Scenery around Tian Yuan Building
Scenery around Tian Yuan Building. Courtesy of Coach Ma Tianyue who kindly agreed to give me some photos.

It was raining when I visited as there was a tropical storm approaching and the Qian Tang River was shrouded in mist. But even so, the sight was quite breathtaking. As my own photos were all misty and clouded, I asked for some photos to give the visitor what it was like when the weather was good.
Upon entering the hotel lobby, you would see gigantic Weiqi, Xiangqi, International Chess and a Checkers board hung on the majestic walls.


The huge Xiangqi board that you would see on the wall upon entering the building. Shown is the tabia of the External Riverbank Horse Variation which was played in the one millon yuan match between Gms Zheng Weitong and Xie Jing. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

 There was also a Weiqi museum on the first floor, immediately to the left of the entrance. It also housed many Xiangqi artefacts.


The Weiqi museum. This photo was noated by Coach Ma Tianyue. It was a little bit dark and my own photos was less than satisfactory.

Also donated by Coach Ma. Chess pictures, artefacts et cetera were everywhere in the building, even in the stairways.

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First created: 27th October 2016
Acknowledgements: Coach Ma Tianyue for her donations of photos.

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