English Translation of Xiangqi Articles in China

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the 2016 Chess Culture Forum in Hangzhou that was held on the 22nd-23rd of October in 2016.
At the event, I voiced the need for more material for the site, and many important Xiangqi people in China volunteered to help.
One of the things that I feel lacking on my site is the lack of good articles of Xiangqi. Xiangqi is just a game for two. It is a culture by itself, a way of life to the Chinese. There have been many articles that have been written in China. Below is a list of articles that have been published in China.

Wechat name: 木門齋 Author: Mu Men Xian Sheng 木門先生
Prolific writer with almost daily production of articles. The author of the articles had kindly allowed me to translate his articles and put them on my website.
Here are some:
 The Origins of Weiqi from the Diagram of the River, and the Origins of Xiangqi from the Book of Luo
Chinese Chess King --- Xie Xiaxun 01 02 03 

Management Strategies in Xiangqi by Ba Yanchao 巴彦超  

First created: 28th October 2016
Last updated: 10th Apr 2018
Acknowledgements: Mu Men Xian Sheng for his kind donations!

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