The beginning of the end...

Below is a list of endgames that are commonly seen. This list is just a minor fraction of the endgames often seen, and it is impossible for me to publish all there is about endgames. In fact, it has taken many people many lifetimes to give us what we have today.  And these endgames are the cumulative result of their wisdom. 
I will slowly add to the list one by one these gems of wisdom and I will start with the basics or must know endgames. Indeed, it would be a crying shame should you be the aggressor in a one horse vs one advisor endgame, but did not know how to win. That would deserve a spanking, not to mention humiliation... 
Each endgame has many different outcomes. For example, one chariot vs a full guard (2 advisors and 2 elephants) is usually a draw, but there are still instances whereby poor positioning of the full guard may allow the chariot to win. This is called a positional win. The opposite is true also, many a times a losing side
 might force a draw because of the positioning of the pieces.

To facilitate coding and classification of the various endgames, I will use the following format: 
    Red's available pieces (no. of pieces + piecename) -- end result  -- Black's available pieces (no. of pieces + piecename) -- number of web pages available for this endgame (if more than one page is needed).
For example,  1h sw 1a would mean that one horse is a sure win against one advisor.
And to make sure that the names are in the same order, the pieces will be placed in the following format:
 R >  H >  C  > P(bp or hp) > A  >  E or for those who know Chinese: 
车 > 马 > 炮 > 兵/卒           > 士 > 象 
Therefore, if there are 2 cannons and 1 chariots, it will be 1r2c, not 2c1r.

The following abbreviations will be used for the end results:
SW= sure win , PW= positional win, HW= hard to win, mostly a draw,
SD = sure draw, PD= positional draw, vs = when the outcome is dependent on who moves first.
bp = bottom pawn or low pawn, hp = high pawn.
Please click on the endgame you want to see. 

I have then divided the various combinations into different sections following the same format listed above. For example, endgames pitting say a cannon against a chariot will be listed before a cannon vs horse endgame.

I am in the process of redoing the webpage. Please tell me your comments. And when this page overflows, I will then divide them into different section. That should take a few months...

One Major Type of Attacking Piece

Chariot endgames:
  Single chariot endgames:
        Page 01 :  
1r sw 2a, 1r sw 2e, 1r sw 2a1e, 1r sw 1a2e          
        Page 02 :  1r d 2a2e (full guard) and examples of 1r pw 2a2e   
        Page 03
 1r pw 2p1a, 1r hw 2p1e (low pawns with red's king in a compromised position) , 
                          1r hw 2p2e, 1r pw 2p2e, 1r1a pw 2p2a 
        Page 04 :  1r hw 3p and examples of 1r pw 3p 
        Page 05 :  1r hw 1h1p1e, 1r pw 1h1p1e      
        Page 06 :  1r hw 1h2e, 1r pw 1h2e 01-03  Page 06b: 1r sw 1h2a
        Page 07 :  1r hw 1c2e , 1r pw 1c2e 01-05   
        Page 08 :  1r hw 2h, 1r pw 2h 01-02 
        Page 09 :  1r hw 2c, 1r pw 2c 01-02   

 Two Chariot Endgames :
       Page 01 : 2r hw 1r2a2e , 2r pw 1r2a2e (many examples)
       Page 022r sw 1r1h2a , 2r hw 1r1h1a2e , 2r pw 1r1h1a2e  
                       2r hw 1r1c2a  , 2r pw 1r1c2a 01 , 2r pw 1r1c2a 02     
                       2r2a2e pw 1r1p2a2e
       Page 03 : 2r sw 2h2a2e ,
       Page 04 : 2r hw 1h1c2a2e (many examples) , 2r pw 1h1c2a2e        
       Page 052r hw 1c2p2a2e (many examples)   

Horse endgames
  One horse endgames: 
         Page 01   :
1h sw 1a , 1h d 2a , 1h pw 2a (few examples)
         Page 01b : 1h d 1e , 1h pw 1e (many examples)
         Page 02   : 1h pd 1c2a
         Page 03   : 1h d 1p , 1h pw 1p examples (many examples)  

  Two horse endgames:
         Page 01 :  2h sw 2a2e
         Page 02 :  2h sw 1c1a1e , 2h sw 1c2a , 2h sw 1c2e
         Page 03 :  2h sw 1h1a1e , 2h sw 1h2a , 2h pw 1h am jqqq g182           

Cannon endgames:
  Single cannon endgames:
Page 01
: 1c1a sw 2a , 1c1a1e hw 1a1e , 1c2a1e pw 1a1e 
         Page 02 : 1c2a pw 1h 
         Page 03 : 1c 2a hw 1c 
         Page 04 : 1c2a hw 1p1a , 1c2a sw 1hp1e , 1c1a hw 2 low p  

  Two Cannon Endgames: 
Page 01 : 2c sw 2a , 2c d 2e , 2c2e sw 2e , 2c1a sw 2a2e , 2c pw 2a2e am jqqq g184
Page 02 : 2c sw 1h , 2c pw 1h2a , 2c1a sw 1h2a , 2c2a2e sw 1h2e 
Page 03 : 2c d 1c , 2c pw 1c , 2c pw 1c2a , 2c1a sw 1c2a , 2c1a pw 2c1e am jqqq g183
2c2a2e d 1c2e , 2c2a2e pw 1c2e

Pawn endgames 
One pawn endgames   
    Page 01 : 1hp hw 1a ,  1hp1a pw 1a , 1hp1e pw 1a , 1hp1e d 1a , 1hp pd 1c1a
  Two pawn endgames:
Page 01 : 2P sw 2A, 2P pw 2A (low pawn), 2 low pawns hw 2a 
                    2P sw 2E, 2P pw 2E (low pawns) 01, 2P pw 2E (low pawns) 02
Page 02 : 2P vs 1P1E, Thanks to Mr Felix Tan.
Page 03 : 2P hw 1A1E, 2P pw 1A1E (high pawns), 
                    2P d 1P2A, 2P pw 1P2A
Page 04  : 2P pw 1A2E, 2P pw 2A1E
                     2P pw 1H, 2P sw 1C
Page 05  : 2P sw 1c (high p) , 2p d 2c , 2p2a d 1r1a , 2p2e d 1r

  Three pawn endgames: 
Page 01 : 3p sw 2a2e , 3p hw 2a2e (two low pawns) , 3bp pw 2a1e ,
                     3p sw 1p1a2e 01 , 3p sw 1p1a2e 02
     Page 02 : 3p sw 1c2e , 3p hw 1c2a , 3p pw 1c2a , 3p hw 1c1a1e , 3p pw 1c1a1e
     Page 03 : 3p sw 1h2e , 3bp pw 1h2e , 3p pw 1h2a , 3bp pw 1h2a , 3bp pw 1h2a 
                     3p pw 1h1a1e , 
Page 043p pd 1r 01 , 3p pd 1r 02 , 3p pw 1r 

Two Major Types of Attacking Pieces

Chariot Horse Combination Endgames: 
     Page 01 : 1r1h hw 1r2a , 1r1h1a sw 1r2a 
                     1r1h hw 1r2e , 1r1h2e pw 1r2e , 1r1h1e pw 1r2e , 1r1h1a1e pw 1r2e 
     Page 02 : 1r1h d 1r1lp2a1e  , 1r1h1a hw 1r2a1e , 1r1h1a1e pw 1r1a2e , 
                     1r1h1a2e pw 1r2a2e , 1r1h2a2e pw 1r2a1e , 1r1h2e pw 1r2e    
     Page 03 :  

Chariot Cannon combination endgames :  
     Page 01 : 1r1c sw 1r (red has central chariot) , 1r1c d 1r (black has central chariot) 
                     1r1c hw 1r1e , 1r1c pw 1r1e , 1r1c sw 1r1a (red has central chariot)
     Page 02 : 1r1c2a sw 1r1hp2a , 1r1c2a2e pw 1r2a2e

     Page 03 :  1r1c hw 1r1h12a , 1r1c pw 1r1h2a (3 examples)

Chariot Pawn combination endgames:   
       Page 01 : 1r1bp sw 1r (red chariot is central chariot) , 1r1bp hw 1r (black chariot is central chariot),
                       1r1bp pw 1r (black chariot is central chariot)  , 1r1lp hw 1r1a , 1r1p1e pw 1r2a
       Page 02 : 1r1tp hw 1r1e , 1r1tp pw 1r1e, 1r1hp1e sw 1r2e , 1r1tp1a1e sw 1r2e 
       Page 03 : 1r1tp hw 1r1e , 1r1tp pw 1r1e , 1r1hp1e sw 1r2e , 1r1tp1a1e sw 1r2e
       Page 04 : 1r1tp1a hw 1r1a , 1r1tp1a pw 1r1a , 1r1tp1e hw 1r1a , 1r1tp2a1e pw 1r1a

Horse Cannon combination endgames:
        Page 01 :  1h1c sw 2a2e  
        Page 02 :  1h1c pw 1r1a am jnms g177
        Page 03 :  1h1c1a1e sw 1h2a, 1h1c1a2e sw 1h2e , 
                          1h1c1a2e sw 1h1a2e, 1h1c2a2e sw 1h2a1e  (few examples)
        Page 04 :  1h1c1a1e sw 1c2a , 1h1c1a sw 1c2e , 1h1c2a2e hw 1c2a2e 

Horse Pawn combination endgames:     
    hp = high pawn (pawn at cannon rank and above),
    bp= bottom pawn (pawn on throat rank or bottom most rank)
    Page 01 : 1h1bp sw 1e , 1h1bp sw 2a , 1h1bp sw 1a1e  , 1h1bp pw 2e
    Page 02 : 1h1bp hw 1a2e ,  1h1hp sw 1a2e ,
    Page 03 : 1h1bp hw 2a1e , 1h1bp pw 2a1e , 1h1hp sw 2a1e , 1h1hp1a sw 2a1e
    Page 04 : 1h1p hw 2a2e , 1h1p pw 2a2e (many examples)
    Page 05 : 1h1p sw 1h , 1h1bp d 1h1a , 1h1bp pw 1h1a , 1h1hp sw 1h1a 
    Page 06 : 1h1p d 1h1p  , 1h1hp d 1h1e ,  1h1p pw 1h1e , 
    Page 07 : 1h1bp hw 1c , 1h1bp d 1c1a , 1h1hp sw 1c2a , 1h1bp pw 1c1e ,  1h1hp sw 1c1e ,
    Page 08:  1h1hp hw 1c1a1e ,  1h1p hw 1c2e , 1h1hp sw 1c1p 
    Page 09 : 1h1bp hw 1p1a , 1h1bp d 1p2a , 1h1bp pw 1hp2a , 1h1p1a pw 1p2a , 1h1hp sw 1hp2a

Cannon Pawn combination endgames: 
Tribute must be paid to 陈廉庸 Chen Lianyong, an endgames specialist who dedicated much of his time in studying endgames back in the 1950's. He discovered many sure-win situations and many positional win situations and they form the basis for endgame theory today. Chen wrote a few books and relevant to this section is his great work of over 160 endgames studying the 1c1p combination alone in《炮卒专集》or "The Cannon and Pawn Endgame Volume" (my translation). Of course, I will not have the time to do all of them...maybe in a few decades time...
    Page 01 : 1c1bp hw 2a , 1c1bp pw 2a
    Page 02 : 1c1bp hw 1e , 1c1bp pw 1e , 1c1hp sw 1e 
                    1c1bp1e hw 1e (pawn is NOT central pawn) , 1c1bp1e sw 1e (pawn IS central pawn)
                     1c1hp pw 2e am jnms g028
    Page 03 : 1c1hp pw 1a1e , 1c1hp1a2e sw 2a2e , 1c1hp1a1e pw 2a2e , 1c1hp pw 2a2e 
    Page 04 : 1c1hp1a pw 2a2e , 1c1hp1e pw 2a2e , 1c1bp1a2e pw 2a2e  
    Page 05 : 1c1bp pw 1r2a , 1c2p1a pw 1r2p2a  , 1c1hp1a1e pd 1r1hp1tp am mrsj g133
    Page 06
1c1hp2a sw 1h1a , 1c1hp2a1e sw 1h1e ,  1c1bp pw 1h1p2a , 1c1p2a pw 1h1p
    Page 07 : 1c1hp2a sw 1c1a , 1c1hp2a sw 1c1e ,  1c2p2a1e sw 1c2a , 
                    1c2p2a2e hw 1c2a2e , 1c1hp1a pw 1c1hp

    Page 08 : 1c1hp pw 1bp1hp , 1c1hp pw 1hp1a 

First created: April 2011
Last updated: 1st Jan 2012
Mr Felix Tan for pointing out to me that my 2P vs 1P1E was flawed..

1. << 象棋残局大全>> by 王嘉良 李中健 王国顺
<< 象棋入门>> by 刘国斌 徐家亮 & 韩宽 , approved by the Chinese Chess Association of China, 中国象棋协会审定 
3. <<象棋入门>> by 朱宝位 
4. <<象棋辞典>> by 屠景明 杨柏伟
5. <<象棋残局胜和定式>> by 金启昌 杨典
6. 《炮卒专集》by 陈廉庸 Chen Lianyong

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