Two Pawn endgames 01

Two pawn endgames are a continuation of the one pawn endgames. As there are 2 pawns now, they are slightly more complex than one pawn endgames. 

In two pawn endgames, the pawns may be high pawns (a pawn that has only reached the opponent's pawn rank), low pawns (pawns that have charged to the opponent's throat rank or cannon rank) or a combination of both. Different outcomes are noted with the different positioning of the pieces and who moves first. Like in the one pawn endgames, the king plays a crucial part. It is needed to help push the pawns into favourable positions like the 2 elephant eyes in the palace. Also, control of the center of the palace is crucial to winning. 

As there are more combinations to the 2P endgames, I have divided them into a few different pages for your perusal. Enjoy!

Two pawn endgames:
Page 01  2P sw 2A, 2P pw 2A (low pawn), 2 low pawns hw 2a
                2P sw 2E, 2P pw 2E (low pawns) 01, 2P pw 2E (low pawns) 02
Page 02  2P vs 1P1E, Thanks to Mr Felix Tan.
Page 03  2P hw 1A1E, 2P pw 1A1E (high pawns), 
               2P d 1P2A, 2P pw 1P2A
Page 04  2P pw 1A2E, 2P pw 2A1E
               2P pw 1H, 2P sw 1C

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