One Pawn endgames

One pawn endgames are one of the simplest of the endgames, and a good place for the beginner to start. But be warned, they may look simple, but there are principles to adhere to and tricks involved. Although it is rare that you will enter into such a endgame during active play, the principles demonstrated are the foundations to other endgames.
In one pawn endgames, the pawn is a high pawn 高兵 , that is a pawn that has only reached the opponent's pawn rank. Low pawns are pawns that have charged to the opponent's throat rank or botom rank, Low pawns have less function and are easily countered.

One pawn endgames:
1bp sw 1k
1P HW 1A examples 1 and 2,
1P1E PW 1A red moves first , 1P1E D 1A, black moves first. 
1P PD 1C1A

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