GM Liu Dianzhong's Endgame Lectures Chapter 10
Learn Endgame Compositions! 06

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GM Liu has selected some more endgames for everybody's perusal. These are basically endgames compositions whereby a draw is the final outcome. The beauty of defense is seen. The examples shown here get increasingly difficult and complex.
PS: The names of some of the ancient manuals were ones that I have spent much time thinking off. It is the best that I can do.
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I have redone GM Liu Dianzhong's lectures adding footnotes to his explanations to make things easier for the newcomer and I have tried my best to add the explanations to some of the variations to help the beginner appreciate the game better. If you discover any mistakes or have better moves, please email me at or

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First created: 30th Jan 2013
Last updated: 30th Jan 2013

GM Liu Dianzhong for making learning endgames a much easier job!
Mr Felix Tan for advice in various aspects of the game.
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